New Electric Car

Dear Solar David,
I want to make our neighborhood more green.
So I purchased an electric car. Now my utility bill is sky high. Please help.

Dear Greener than Thou,
You got half of it right. Call me for an energy tune-up and install Solar. 
Your neighbors will be “greener” (with envy). S.D.


Dear Solar David,
I am currently unemployed and my utility bill is way too high. Should I look into Solar to lower my expense?

Dear Temporarily Down,
Sorry to hear about that. The answer is No! Get a job! and turn off unnecessary lights.  S.D.

New Home

Dear Solar David,
I recently moved into your beautiful valley. No one has invited me to one of those fabulous parties I hear about. What do I do?

Dear Newbie,
(1) Volunteer. (2) Overspend at our charitable events.
(3) Purchase your Solar System from me. I will invite you to at least one party. S.D.

Wine Cave

Dear Solar David,
I over-did-it at the wine auction. Those Magnum Force girls are hard to resist. Now my wine cave runs 24/7 and the PG&E bill is out of control. What do I do?

Dear Winner,
I know what you say is true! Call me about Solar. I still accept (good) wine in trade. S.D.

Bachelor Ben

Dear Solar David,
Bachelor Ben’s wines helped him get lots of dates. Will a new Solar System help me in the romance department?

Dear Lonely,
Absolutely! “Solar is Sexy”!  also try the Internet. S.D.


Dear Solar David,
I heard that you are a Gemologist and founder of Amulet and Talisman Catalogs formerly based in Sonoma. How does that help with creeting Solar Systems?

Dear Informed,
I pay attention to details. You misspelled “Creating”.  S.D.

No Taste

Dear Solar David,
Seems like Sonoma and Napa is populated by Chefs and “Foodies”. Now there is even a “Restaurant Week”. What’s up?

Dear “No taste”,
I happen to like great foods and wine. Why don’t you try Barstow? S.D.

Fitting in

Dear Solar David
I’m a recent addition to Sonoma, but I don’t yet feel like I fit in. My neighbors have Solar. Would that help?

Dear “In with the In Crowd”
Yes! also get a vintage pick-up (converted to electric). S.D.

Executive Lifestyle

Dear Solar David,
I’m a former corporate executive with a mansion outside Sonoma with too many toys to name. Will Solar “add to MY lifestyle”?

Dear X-CXO,
Some would quote Lennon (not John) that “the bigger the fortune, the bigger the crime”. Lucky for you, Sonomans are quite tolerant of excess.

So for you I suggest our “top of the line” Solar system. Call me. S.D.

Gas Prices

Dear Solar David,
Gas prices keep climbing. What do I do?

Dear Concerned,
If you have the bucks, get a plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV), charge it with your new Solar System (purchased from me) and change to the new E-9 PG&E rate for Solar with EV. Then grin when driving by gas stations. S.D.


Dear Solar David,
In these divided times, is there anything we can ALL agree on?

Dear “Looking for consensus”,
My unbiased poll shows that “Solar is Good”, 
also EVERYONE agrees that other drivers are bad.  S.D.


Dear Solar David,
You must have a lot of “pull” with PG&E after years of experience?

Dear Envious,
You bet!  That’s why they answer Solar David’s calls with a cheery “press 1 if you want English…” S.D.
PS I also know a few secret numbers.


Dear Caleb,
You’ve been with Solar David for a long time. Is he that good of an employer or are you related.

Dear Nosey,
Uncle David must be a good employer, since we have a company policy against nepotism. Caleb[at]


Dear Solar David,
Sonoma Valley is a “Cittaslow” town.
Does that mean you “take your time” with creating my Solar System?

Dear Speedy,
It takes approximately one week to install a residential solar system. 
In your case I will do it in only 7 days.  S.D.

Energy Upgrade California

Dear Solar David,
I read that you are an “Energy Upgrade Contractor”. What does that mean?

Dear Prospective Customer.
We are registered with Energy Upgrade California as an approved contractor. We combine energy upgrades (efficiency) as well as energy production (Solar).
“Add that to your lifestyle”.  S.D.

A rose by any other name…

Dear Solar David,
How did you come by that moniker? Is your first name really “Solar”??

Dear Nosey,
Our local cartoonist, Linus Mauer started calling me that. My legal first name is Saulius, which in Lithuanian means “Sun”. “Solar David” kind of stuck.
Besides, I own the website.  S.D.

Medical Insurance

Dear Solar David,
Health insurance costs are driving me crazy and that’s only for major medical, in case I fall off a roof. Any suggestions?

Dear Majority,
Stay off roofs. That’s my job! S.D.

Saving Money

Dear Solar David,
I heard that once I install Solar, I only pay PG&E once a year.

Dear Informed,
You are right about the Electrical portion of your bill. But don’t run to Vegas with your new-found money. My local investment wizard, Matt Lightner of Edward Jones, recommends that you “invest wisely” (with him of course)! S.D

Wine-Cave and Hot-Tub

Dear Solar David,
We live in San Francisco and have a weekend home in Sonoma. Our energy bills are outrageous. Can you help?

Dear wine-cave and hot-tub enthusiast.
Over half my clients HAD a similar whine.. Yes, we help by combining efficiency upgrades and a free Solar analysis. You can even control your appliances over the web, so you will have hot water and cold chardonnay when you arrive.  S.D.

Looking for new home

Dear Solar David,
I’m looking at property in Sonoma, Napa or Marin. The prices are pretty steep. 
Is it really worth it?

Dear Not Yet Arrived,
According to my two favorite Realtors, Marguerita and Daniel… “YES!” 
Remember that Solar enhances value. Call me when you arrive.  S.D

Looking Good

Dear Solar David,
I saw your crew on a roof installing Solar. Who is the good looking one?

Dear Curious,
That would be my Journeyman Electrician, Caleb.  S.D.

Dear Electrician Caleb,
The Bachelor Ben Show  has inspired me to be more forward, so… 
“Can you charge my Volt?”

Dear Cougar in Sonoma,
Yes. Caleb[at]

Board Certification

Dear Solar David,
I read that you have two degrees, three state licenses and two board certifications. What does that mean?

Dear Curious,
It means that I am smarter than my competition and able to answer your questions. Humbly yours, S.D.